General Family Law

Family Law refers to legal matters concerning Divorce proceedings, access to children, relocation, protection orders, maintenance, custody, mediation, parenting plans and so much more relating to any matters concerning Family or members of the family

Criminal Law

If you need help with criminal cases such as drunken driving, fraud, assault etc. – Bartlett & Associates can assist! Help is available 24 hours a day in Criminal cases. Our services are approximately R1400.00 exl. per hour. We are just a phone call away.

Access to Children & Unmarried Fathers’ Rights

In terms of the Children’s Act unmarried fathers rights are recognised. Bartlett & Associates believes in equal rights and placing the children’s needs first. If you are a father and your rights are being frustrated/ denied contact, we can assist.

Antenuptial Contracts / Pre-nuptial Agreements

In this day and age it is vital for parties to consider drawing up a contract before marriage, this will go a long way in protecting all parties should the unforeseen occur.


A divorce can either be a quick and uncomplicated process or it can be drawn out, either way we try to make it as pain-free and durable as possible. We offer a unique package for an uncontested divorce, you are welcome to enquire as to the costs.

Domestic Violence

This describes the many forms of abuse that may be suffered at the hands of another person that you share or shared a home with on a permanent basis.


Should you require assistance with an Eviction, please don’t hesitate to contact Bartlett & Associates on Tel: 087 503 9859. We offer a free 60 minutes consultation in which to discuss all aspects of evictions.


If you are wanting to draw up a lease agreement or need assistance in terminating a lease agreement we will be able to advise on your rights and obligations.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is the process of taking a legal dispute to Court. This civil matter arises from a dispute between two parties where one part takes action against another party.

High Court Litigation

The High Court is considered the Upper Guardian of all Minor Children and deals with matters of Divorce Orders, Custody and Primary Residence. The High court also deals with Legal matters where financial claims of R300 000.00 or above.

Maintenance – Child & Spouse

Maintenance is the obligation to support another person(s) with the basic rights of housing, food, clothing, education and medical care. This financial duty applies for children or a spouse who requires the financial aid they cannot provide for.


If you are looking to adopt or give a child up for adoption, it is a complicated process and we will gladly guide you through it and offer you expert assistance.

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